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UK ranking 136th on cost of mobile data

5 March 2019
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A list comparing the cost of one gigabyte (1GB) of mobile data across the world has been published today. Over 6300 mobile data plans were researched worldwide and the results may just surprise you.

According to data analysed by, the cheapest place in the world to buy data is India. Indians are reaping this benefit with the cost of 1GB averaging just $0.26 (£0.20).

Countries in the Top 10 also included Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. In fact, many countries in and around the former USSR are some of the cheapest.

However, Asia is the best ranked continent with ten countries in the Top 20.

Rather embarrassingly, the UK was ranked 136th out of 230 countries, higher than many of its Western European and EU contemporaries.

The Finnish hold the top spot in Western Europe with 1GB costing $1.16 (£0.88), followed by Monaco $1.21 (£0.92), Denmark $1.36 (£1.03) and Italy $1.73 (£1.31).

In Eastern Europe, Poland take the lead with their average cost per 1GB being the equivalent of just £1.

Dan Howdle, a Consumer Telecoms Analyst for commenting on the UK ranking, said: “Our study has uncovered that EU nations such as Finland, Poland, Denmark, Italy, Austria and France pay a fraction of what we pay in the UK for similar data usage. It will be interesting to see how our position is affected post-Brexit."

So just how much is our data costing us?

It turns out a whopping $6.66 (£5.04).

When you consider most data plans are usually between 3GB to 5GB, that adds up. Our closest European neighbours rank well above us with Ireland at 87th and France at 62nd.

It’s disappointing we’re not within the cheaper end of the list. Though, the study reveals there may be a good reason for our standing.

Many of the countries where data is cheaper have less reliant broadband networks, with some nations being entirely dependent on mobile data alone.

Our UK infrastructure is much better and £5.04 isn’t a significant cost, given consumer spending habits. In fact, a fiver is good value when you take this into account especially when compared to others.

For example, we can be thankful we’re not living in America right now. The US is one of the most expensive developed nations for purchasing mobile data.

Americans on average spend $12.37 (£9.36) per 1GB - that’s practically double the amount we spend in the UK!

For more details including an interactive map and the full report, go to

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