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Is WordPress bad for business?

11 July 2018
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Nearly 30% of business websites are made in WordPress (, 2018), so why is it a bad for your business to have a WordPress site? The real question is why the other 70% of businesses online do not choose to make their online digital image a WordPress site.


or in simple terms giving you more for your squeezed budget. Adding extra functionality to a WordPress based website involves a plethora of workarounds, hacks and `fixes` but if it works then surely that is not a problem?

Unfortunately, not. When developers have to start doing things inefficiently, incorrectly or even worse - relying on a known issue to make something work, you’re not only opening your website to the potential of being hacked (compromising both your online security and brand image), but you may also be diminishing your chances of being seen in search engine results! (Agrawal, 2018). However, there are a wide range of plugins available for you to install that could improve functionality.


Another issue with WordPress based websites that really irks me is how frequently the WordPress software is updated (, 2018), which if you have had your site modified, could lead to an expensive bill when you find out that the workaround used to create your perfect site or a plugin that creates a specific function no longer works!


A lot of users browsing the internet these days do so from mobile phones, WordPress installations come with a lot of extra code which most of the time isn’t being used. If you don’t need specific addons or functions the code is still there, and the browser still processes it. This slows things down. The more plugins you add to your site, the slower your WordPress site could become! (Hughes, 2018).


WordPress has some real positives, it is mostly free, though you would have to pay for hosting. If you want basic run of the mill template (that has been used before by countless others) to display your business to the world or you are just looking for a blogging platform – then WordPress is king, go for it. As to why 70% of business don’t use WordPress and take on a bespoke solution? That is easy to answer.

Forward thinking businesses know that one day they might need something extra on their website. They know that in todays digital age customers expect websites to be fast, responsive and reliable. They know that they could lose a customer to countless competitors if their website is slow, lacking in functionality or in some cases appears to have been hacked. They know that for most customers the first point of contact is now their website, and that website must stand out if they are to succeed.

Daniel Craddock

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